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Twitter Marketing

It’s a Tweet Life

Tweet or die is the current social media mantra. The big question of the day for marketing and public relations professionals is how to get the biggest benefits from using Twitter to keep connected with customers.

The most important way to make sure each tweet counts is to keep the value added in each tweet by keeping it to the point and forgetting about letting followers know every last mundane detail of the day.

Add Value to Each Tweet

Add value for the tweet recipient and make it worth the time to read the post by:

  • Tweeting bits of industry related research.
  • Asking a compelling question that others can find answers for and then they can post the answers to.
  • When others post questions, find the answers and eventually become the go to Twitter person.
  • Only post tweets that benefit the readers.
    • Tweet Events

      Those using Twitter for business purposes are not interested in knowing every detail of the tweeter’s day. Unless there is a money saving deal available at a local restaurant, recipients don’t care about what people had for lunch.

      Nonetheless, Twitter has shown that it is one of the most valuable ways to connect with customers and it is worth the investment of your time. As such, more and more business users are joining. With only 140 characters, the writing has to be tight and to the point and tweets have to be relevant, viable, and meaningful to followers.

      A good, relevant example for those who have a professional interest in health care, tweeting information about the progression of the health care bill to followers who work in healthcare, the insurance industry, or those politically involved would be worth the follower’s time to read.

      Tweeting about green news would be relevant and important to those working in green jobs or other followers who have an interest in new green initiatives, products, articles, or books.

      Keep Tweets Short and Simple

      Twitter makes it easy for users to keep messages short and simple. It often pays to think twice about a tweet before sending it in cyberspace. Before sending, ask if followers will appreciate the information? Will they be challenged by a relevant question? And, how they will benefit from the tweet?

      When appropriate answers are realised, tweet it to the world.

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It is more effective to tweet about attending great and informative conferences, a great new book, or meeting a new resource or customer that may be of interest to others.

Instead of asking what followers are doing, ask if anyone has read an informative article in the today’s Wall Street Journal or FT.

Each Tweet Counts

It can be tough keeping on-top of traditional media options (print, radio, TV) while, at the same time, trying to learn how to use new media effectively.

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