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How you can Suceed in an Online Course

For those who are unable to attend a classroom, online courses open a vast world of opportunities they would not otherwise be able to access. The convenience, flexibility, and accessibility of online courses provide an invaluable educational avenue, but these advantageous features can also be hurdles for those who have difficulty with self-motivation. It takes discipline and commitment to successfully complete and excel in an online course.

Commit to the Course

Online courses require dedication and a strong level of commitment to the subject for you to excel in its study. Online courses don’t have the classroom and instructor providing discipline and keeping you focused on your work, so as an online student, you have to be motivated enough to stay on track yourself. An abiding interest in the subject matter can provide great motivation to continue the studies and participate in all aspects of the course.

Time Management

One of the key aspects to success in an online course is being able to manage your time to include the online coursework and study. Online courses may be flexible as far as scheduling, but this is not a green light for procrastination. Creating a written schedule with your normal weekly activities plus the times you can dedicate to study can help tremendously. Discipline yourself to adhere to the schedule as closely as possible, and you’ll find that the more time you spend on the coursework, the better your chance of succeeding in the course. A good rule of thumb is to spend 2-3 hours each week for each class credit hour.

Accurate Communication

Being able to clearly and accurately communicate with your instructor and fellow students is a very important element to success in an online course. Without sensory cues to expression and tone, the meaning of your questions or statements may not be as recognisable, so it’s essential to be as clear as you can in your communications. Accurate and succinct writing is also important in your coursework, as most courses will have essays or term papers to complete.

Success is in Your Reach

Online courses provide an exciting opportunity to further your education and reach your career goals. With dedication and commitment to the study, completion and success in an online course is well within your reach.

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It’s essential in online courses to participate not only in the regular coursework, but also in the discussions and other online activities offered in the course. This will increase your knowledge of the subject matter, help build a strong community with your fellow students, and provide the instructor with a way to gauge your level of knowledge and any areas where you may need more instruction.
Asking questions is critical—if there are any issues you have with coursework or even online
technical issues, you need to ask about them immediately and persist in your queries until you
are satisfied that you understand the matter.

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