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The Responsibility of Social Networking, Marketing and PR


Looking for the best person in the company to be the social networking spokesperson? Look no farther than the company’s public relations and or marketing office. Marketing and PR professionals have the best skill set to act as the company voice for social media activities.

Marketing and PR professionals are trained to stay on message and to build and maintain relationships. They also understand that content remains king. Plus, they know how to spread company news faster than anyone else.

Social Networking

The Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) recently reported that PR people are driving about 70 percent of company related social media programs.

Many companies believe that social networking is a job for the IT department. Although social media is technology driven, good communications is at the heart of good social networking. Public relations and marketing people are responsible for other types of communications within a company or organization. As such, social networking is a perfect fit.

Marketing and Public Relations

Marketers can build a social network by keeping in contact with customers and potential leads. Marketers have the opportunities to build the network by always following trends and staying up on what is happening in their industry.

They can easily build online networks from the regular networks they have already established. For public relations, using social media tools can add sustainability to the oft vague results produced by public relations offices. The best tools for garnering instant feedback and tracking tools is to start blogging, micro blogging, and participating in social media sites that provide instant feedback from consumers.

In addition to being able to use social networking as a measurement device, PR and marketing professionals have been trained in effective communications. They know how to write a consistent and repeated message, they can build and sustain those vital relationships, and they can write relevant and interesting content.

Finding company news and spreading the word is a gift of most public relations professionals. Add to that, writing tight and on target copy to fit the requirements of micro blogging is a specialty skill of many PR people.


There is not a secret formula for selecting the right people for the right job within a company, until now that is. Social networking’s focus is on communicating to thousands of people at a time, sometimes using only 140 characters, selecting the right people for this job is easier than most.

Social media relies heavily on experts that can deliver good communications. Public relations and marketing professionals are just the experts needed to make the most of the today’s social networking opportunities.

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