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Content isn’t just related to written material. Video content is becoming increasingly popular and it gives users a refreshing break from reading long pages of text. Alternatively, try adding audio players to pages with a lot of text so visitors have the option of being talked through your content. This makes the information you provide more manageable to it increases the chances that users will stay on your site for longer, and return in the future.


You should also include as many interactive and useful features as possible. For example, forums and chat rooms help get users involved in relevant topics. Other ways of getting your users involved include hosting competitions, giving away free products and actually communicating with them in your forum, over email and phone.


When designing your website, you always need to keep the end user in mind. The following points are shown to improve user interaction:


  • Keep it simple: Users want to be able to navigate your site easily so avoid clutter. Break down long pieces of text with videos, audio files, pictures, headings, sub-headings and bullet points.


  • Be consistent: keep title, sub-title and body text consistent in terms of font and style throughout your webpage’s. Keep the fonts and colours eye-pleasing.


  • Use sound files with caution. It can cause a scare if someone suddenly hears music blaring when they enter your site and it usually makes them leave. We recommended giving users the option to play sound files.


  • Make sure your pages load quickly. This can be done by avoiding the use of large graphics and other files.


  • Make it clear what your site is about. If the user doesn’t think it will provide what they are looking for, they will quickly backtrack. Users rarely browse the web; they actively seek information that will benefit them in some way.


  • Don’t use annoying pop-ups. Simply because they are annoying and an annoyed visitor wont stay or return to your site.

Building a Website

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The key is to have lots of good quality and unique content that is regularly updated. You can pay for expensive marketing campaigns and spend months building links but at the end of the day, if you don’t have solid content as your foundation, visitors wont stay on your site for long and they probably wont return.


Make your website dynamic - not a bunch of static pages - so users know they can expect something different in the future e.g. by having Christmas offers, weekly news and highlights etc. Just as we do at Mr Stinge, we recommended that you produce a useful newsletter for subscribing members. Email marketing is a useful tool for keeping in touch with your users and making sure they’re aware of the latest developments in your field.


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