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Save Money on the Toilet

A Fresh Look at Saving Money

For all the time you spend on the toilet, you may feel like you should be paying rent. In fact, you’re probably spending more money than necessary. When it comes to your toilet, the worst money drains are water, toilet paper and cleaning products. Here’s how to cut those costs big time.

Installing a low-flow toilet tank will save you money over the long run, but why pay for something you can do yourself for free? Just stow a brick inside the toilet tank, or a large plastic bottle filled with gravel and stones. This will decrease the volume of water in your toilet tank and save you money every time you flush. You can also save on your water bill by only flushing when absolutely necessary (although some squeamish folk may draw the line at that).

Using toilet paper, according to the advertisers, should be a mystical experience of smooth softness that sends you into daydreams of cooing babies and fluttering feathers. What catastrophe would happen if you didn’t use double-ply toilet paper with printed pictures of ducklings? What, indeed. Buy plain toilet paper, and opt for the generic over the name brand. Single-ply may not be as thick and fluffy, but it’s hardly sandpaper.

Specialised cleaning products are only necessary if you clean your toilet once a year. Instead, use a spray bottle of vinegar and water and a rag to wipe down the toilet seat and lid every day. At the same time, give your toilet bowl a quick swipe with the toilet brush. If your toilet has a ring on the inside of the bowl, pour vinegar inside and let it sit for a few hours. Your toilet will always look and smell fresh, and will never becomes so grimy and smelly that you need to use expensive and harsh cleaning products.

Don’t flush your savings away: save money by conserving water, using generic toilet paper and cleaning regularly. Next time you’re sitting on the can, give yourself a pat on the back for being a thrifty eliminator.

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