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Make Money using Twitter ...

Once you have people looking at what you have to say, its time to start redirecting people to where you want. You could redirect them to your own blog, a website or to an affiliate link. If you’re new to affiliate marketing, it’s basically an internet-based marketing practice where a business rewards an affiliate for each customer is brings, or each person that visits the company’s website. Learn more about affiliate marketing by clicking here.

Platforms have also been setup for the specific purpose of making money from your twitter accounts and tweets. Magpie and Revtwt are two platforms that place adverts on your twitter profile and pay you when someone clicks, signs up for an offer through the ad on the ad or for each time an ad is posted.

For this to be worthwhile you need at few thousand followers that are interested in your non-advertising tweets and you need to tailor the adverts, affiliate links in line with what you think your followers will find useful. Implement this effectively and you can make decent money.

Your income will vary depending on what you promote. Typical amounts earned range from £5 to £50 a month.

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