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Affiliate Marketing

Getting Started ...

If affiliate marketing sounds like your thing, there are a number of ways to find a product to promote. The main method is to use an affiliate network. These networks have lists of advertisers that are looking for suitable affiliates. Different networks are home to different types of companies and they have varying requirements for new affiliates. As do the companies themselves.

The best UK-focused affiliate networks are:

Affiliate Window: One of the UK’s first affiliate networks with a huge range of merchants to choose from, including some very big name brands. Takes £5 from your card when you sign up, but you get it back with your first payout.

Affiliate Future: Affiliate Future has around 700 merchants which are comprised mostly of smaller companies. The network contains a lot of travel companies and quite conveniently, most merchants automatically approve you once you’re on their platform.

Online Media Group (OMG): OMG have some big name clients such as Barclays, HSBC, o2 and WHSmith. Although they are quite selective with the affiliates they approve so complete your application thoroughly.

Webgains: This is a medium sized network with access to some well paying merchants. The website is easy to use and whist still offering more advanced features.

TradeDoubler: The network offers access to many good UK based companies of various sizes.

LinkShare: Not too many merchants on this platform. The ones that are there are mainly fashion, clothing related.

Clickbank: Clickbank specialises in selling digital, downloadable products such as ebooks and software. There is a lot of junk on this network that you’ll have to shift through to find that gem that is worthy of promotion. Commission rates are generally respectably high.

Commission Junction: Commission Junction is one of the best affiliate marketing companies around. They handle huge affiliate campaigns for companies such as Ebay, Yahoo, and UK-focused programs are somewhat limited.

We recommend registering with several affiliate networks so that you get a good understanding of what you can promote and what is right for you. Furthermore, advertising pay-out rates vary significantly depending on the industry and product so it’s important to get a good feel for what’s out there. Some advertisers pay you for simply giving them a lead or if a customer clicks on their link, whilst others pay you a predetermined percentage of the products value.

Affiliate networks are not the only way to find products to promote as some companies prefer to run their affiliate scheme independently. You can usually get more information on a companies affiliate scheme by having a look at the bottom of their homepage. An ‘affiliates’ or ‘partners’ section is what you should be looking for.

If there is something that you really want to promote but the company doesn’t offer an affiliate program, try contacting them directly. Explain how keen you are to promote their product, describe how you will source potential customers and ask if they are interested in partnering. Some companies can quickly create separate landing pages for select partners which can be used to track referrals.

Alternatively you could encourage the company that you want to promote to join an affiliate network. This could also make you some extra money as some networks pay those who refer new companies to join. Sign up to some of the networks listed above and see which one suits the company you are interest in. Then find out if that network offers their own affiliate program and if so, send your unique referral link to the company if they do show an interest in joining an affiliate network.

Promoting ...

To be successful in affiliate marketing, you need find ways of routing internet traffic to a chosen source and there a several ways in which you can do this.

One of the most commonly used and successful methods is through your own website. Affiliates often provide free useful information on their website and they then incorporate - where relevant - affiliate products that will help users. However, there is a lot to learn about directing traffic to a website and you’ll need to have the motivation to work at this. Our building a website section discussed this in more detail.

Other ways to promote your affiliate products include creating your own business page or group on a social networking site such as Facebook. You then add or make as many "friends" as possible and market to these people. The relatively recent emergence of Twitter is also a handy tool that can also be used to market affiliate products. See our make money using Twitter section for more information.

Your imagination is the limit when it comes to finding ways of promoting your affiliate products. Some people contribute in forums and slip in links to their affiliate products where appropriate. Others prefer to create videos relevant to their affiliate program which they upload (along with their affiliate link) to sites such as YouTube.


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Use whatever method you think will be most successful for your product after you have researched into the market. For example, you may find that there are hundreds of websites reviewing online dating but no YouTube videos. That should get the ‘opportunity’ alarm bells going!

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