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Looking for Work-Life Balance? Consider These Jobs ...

Work-Life balance is getting the balance right between work and all the other events that make up life, spending time with spouses and children, going to the school concerts or sporting events to watch your children, even paying bills, or going to a doctor. You do not have to work part-time in order to achieve a good balance between work and the rest of your life. If you are looking for a job with a good work-life balance, consider these options.

1 – Freelancing and Consulting
Freelancers and consultants can pretty much choose when to schedule in work. If your daughter is performing in the school play, and you desperately want to see her performance, you can block out the time in your diary as if it is an appointment, and then work in different hours of the day.

There are a myriad of careers that allow freelancing or consultant style work, including writers, artists, auditors, and IT professionals. With the recent economic downturn, many companies are looking at outsourcing some work to professional consultants, instead of employing a person all year round to do the work. If you are an expert in a specific field, consultancy could be the ideal career for you.

2 – Shift Work
You may not have thought of this as an option, but shift workers on a rotating or rolling roster will often have a better work-life balance than the typical employee who works 9 to 5. You may start work at 5am for one week, but you will finish your shift at 1pm and have all the afternoon and evening to spend with your family or achieving the tasks you need to, like paying the bills. The following week, you may start at 1pm and finish at 9pm, giving you more time in the morning.


Shift workers will usually receive the roster a couple of months in advance, so planning events with friends and family can be easier. Shift workers who work some weekends will receive several days off in a row, usually four or five. This can allow time for holidays and breaks with the family to get a better work-life balance. It may take a bit of planning, but shift workers can find a great work-life balance.

Look for industries that work longer than the typical ‘working’ hours to find shift work. Airports, docks, transport depots, hospitals, and emergency services all employ shift workers to cover a longer period than 8 hours in the day. Many manufacturing plants also offer shift work.

3 – Early Start Jobs
Many careers require early starts. If you are naturally an early riser, you may find a career as a baker, butcher, breakfast radio announcer, street cleaner, barista, or chef in a restaurant offering breakfast, offers you the perfect work-life balance.

You may start the day much earlier than the majority of workers, but this has advantages. You can miss the peak hour traffic, and have finished your workday by lunchtime, giving you a free afternoon to enjoy the rest of your life.

4 – Late Start Jobs
If rising early is a nightmare, but you have difficulty in getting to bed early too, you may prefer a job, which requires a late start. In these days of 24-hour convenience, there are many jobs, which may start at 3pm and finish at 10 or 11pm. You will also miss the peak hour traffic by working later than the majority of workers, and you will enjoy the freedom of empty roads late at night on your way home.

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If you think that starting later in the day would give you time to enjoy life before work consider the late afternoon and late night jobs. Restaurants, call centres, security companies, nightclubs and bars, service industries like taxi companies and some retailers all offer work later in the day than the typical nine am start. Most businesses prefer cleaners to come into the office at night, when the workers go home, so a cleaner may start at 5pm and work until 10pm.

If you are looking for a good balance between work and life generally, you may want to consider some of these options, compared to a typical nine to five job. Visit the make money offline section for information on the best recruitment agents / sites for various sectors, CV help, interview preparation and much more.

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