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Five Investments that Pay When You Sell Your Home

Your home is your biggest investment and you want to get the highest possible price when it is time to sell your house. Making some small investments and simple changes to the look of your house can add thousands of dollars to the selling price.

Investment 1 – Paint
A fresh coat of paint makes your house look brighter, newer, and more inviting. Painting a dark room with a lighter colour will make the room appear lighter, more inviting, and larger. Paint covers a multitude of sins and it is amazing how many little marks mar a wall after living in the house for a while. Most people do not notice the marks on the walls, but when people are looking for a new house, every mark adds an impression of an ill-kept house. If the prospective owners do not have to think about repainting the house, the house may sell quicker.

If you can paint the house yourself, you will only have to pay for the costs of the paint. Hiring a professional painter can be the best option for those who do not want to spend hours painting. For an overall investment of £1000 to £5000, you can add up to £15,000 to the selling price of your home.

Investment 2 – Floors
Worn carpets or broken floor tiles do not create the best impression for prospective buyers. Take a good look at your floors as if you are entering the house for the first time. You will notice the worn areas, threadbare carpet, and dirt of the high traffic areas. If you cannot replace the carpet with new carpet, consider lifting the carpet and sanding and polishing the floorboards. This can cost as little as £3000 and can make a huge difference in the selling price of the property.


If you cannot afford this level of investment, consider replacing cracked or broken floor tiles, getting the carpets professionally steam-cleaned, and buying new rugs to cover the worst of the traffic-worn areas. Even a minimal investment can add thousands of dollars to the selling price of the property.

Investment 3 – Light
No-one wants to live in a dark, poky, cramped space. Making an investment in creating a lighter room can add a perception of space to the house. Consider letting in additional natural light by creating bigger windows or putting in a skylight. At least ensure the windows are clean before you allow prospective buyers into the house. Open the curtains to let in the natural light to make your house look bigger and more appealing to prospective purchasers.


Investment 4 – Entrance

The entrance to the property is the first impression prospective buyers have. A cracked doorstep at the front door gives an impression of a house that is falling apart and will need extensive renovation, even if that is the only item that really does need fixing. Replace the front door, repaint the picket fence, and repave the footpath if you need to. You will certainly recover the costs of these minor renovations when you sell the property.

The entrance also includes the gardening and landscaping. Ensure the garden appears immaculate and that the overall first impression of the house is one of neatness and ease of maintenance.

Investment 5 – Bathroom
The bathroom is one room in the house that prospective buyers will scrutinise closely. An old fashioned bathroom or one that appears dark or mouldy can cost you thousands of dollars in the sale price. Give your bathroom a couple of coats of paint and upgrade the bathroom accessories such as cabinets and mirrors. You may need to add additional lighting to the bathroom. Display your bathroom with new, fluffy towels hanging up. Pay attention to the little details and make sure even the littlest room in the house is inviting and appealing to new owners.

Making a few simple investments in your property now can ensure you sell the property for the highest possible price. Spending between £15,000 and £25,000 on these improvements could net between £45,000 and £75,000 in the final sale price of the property, as the property will appear larger, brighter, and less in need of immediate renovations. The less your property needs renovations, the less prospective buyers will mentally deduct from the advertised price of the property when inspecting the house.

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