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full domain name to check), you’ll need to work on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) so that you get the highest ranking possible when someone searches for a word that relates to your site (e.g. a keyword of Mr Stinge is make money online). Getting a better ranking in search engines increases the likely hood of getting visitors.


SEO is big business and there is loads of information online on how to improve your ranking. The following touches on some of the main points that you should bear in mind when optimising / building and expanding your site:


  • Write content that contains the relevant keywords that you hope people will find your site with. But make sure you don’t overdo it and include keywords unnecessarily. Not only will your content sound strange, but search engines penalise those that SPAM keywords.


  • Create a site map and use appropriate headings. Search engines pay particular attention to how your site is structured so make sure you bear this in mind when creating your site. If you’re using the Stinge SiteMaker, a sitemap is automatically created for you.


  • Get good quality relevant links to your site. A link to your site is viewed as a vote of the sites usefulness. The more links you have, the more votes you are seen to have earned. Build links ethically and don’t participate in anything manipulative e.g. exchanging links in link farms. Search engines will penalise or blacklist websites that are involved in ‘black hat’ unethical techniques that try to unfairly manipulate search results.


  • Have lots of good unique content. Search engines like unique content and it’ll help increase your ranking.


In addition to ensuring that your website is well listed on search engines, you should also think about traditional marketing. This means making sure you:


  • Add your website address to all printed material and electronic communication


  • List you website in traditional business directories such as the Yellow Pages


  • Set up groups and business pages on social networking sites such as Facebook. Our marketing section of money news talks about this in more depth


  • Join forums and make a genuine contribution using a signature that contains your website address.


  • Encourage users to subscribe to newsletters to increase the chances of return visitors


  • Hand out leaflets and flyers in relevant places


  • Think about alternative exciting marketing e.g. the exciting field of Guerilla marketing!






Building a Website

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The most common way for people to find a website is through search engine listings. However, when you have a newly established website it can be tough getting onto the search engines radar in the first place.


Search engines pick up new sites when they detect that another established website has linked to it. They also trawl through reputable website directories such as Alternatively, you can let the search engines know about your site by contacting them directly e.g. using the Google submit your site section:


Getting your site onto a search engine can take anything from a few days to a few months. Once you are on there (search for your

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