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two methods of making money online and if you want to make money from a website, you should study those sections. There are a number of other ways of making money from a website that have also proven successful e.g. creating a membership site.


Users often ask how many pages of content are required until they can earn one or two thousand pounds a month. This is the wrong question to ask. Users shouldn’t have a target page count in mind and expect to earn a particular amount. It all depends on how useful that content is. Some people are successful with 20 pages of great content whereas others have hundreds of pages of content and still earn relatively little. Think quality not quantity. If you have quantity and quality, it’s a bonus!


There is still much money to be made from creating your own website. View our ‘I want a website that will make me money…’ question for more guidance on how to create a money generating site.


Building a Website

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The great thing about owning a website is that your potential earnings are uncapped. It all depends on how much traffic your website gets, what kind of website you have, and what steps you have taken to monetise that traffic.


If you getting 50 visits a month and the only method of monetising traffic that you are employing is PPC advertising, you’ll probably only earn a few pounds – if that! On the other hand, if you are getting a few hundred or thousand visitors a day, making a few thousand pounds a month is a definite possibility.


The strategy most commonly used by six-figure internet marketers to make money from a website is by using affiliate marketing in conjunction with PPC advertising. These are our top

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