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Building a Website

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There are several ways in which you can create a website and the route you follow will depend on the complexity of the site, your budget and programming knowledge.


The chart below details what we believe are the best ways to create a site according to your specific circumstances.


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How do I create a website?

Do You

Have no programming skills?


Want a low cost simple solution?


Want to design your website yourself?


  • Use the online 'all-in-one' Stinge SiteBuilder.

Have no programming skills?


Have a very complex website in mind e.g. the next eBay or Facebook?


  • Outsource to a professional website designer

Have programming skills or don’t mind learning?


Have an eye for good design?


Want total control over every nook and cranny of your site?


Not mind spending extra time building your site in comparison to if you used an online site maker?


  • Create a website from scratch

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Recommended and most popular route

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