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Business Blogging

Blogosphere Tips and Techniques

Business blogging can be a highly effective communications tool. Getting started is quick and easy. A few tips and techniques will help make the venture all the more successful.

Successful business managers and marketers have long known the 4Ps of business which includes product, place, pricing, and promotion. There are also 4Ps in business blogging:

  • People who read the blog
  • Purpose of the blog
  • Planning for the blog
  • Posting to the blog
    • Each of the blogging Ps are listed below with tips and suggestions on addressing the needs of each.

      Blogging to the People

      Listen to the people involved with the company including employees, customers, and vendors. Write the blog focused on what those people need to hear from and about the company. There may be a need for separate blogs for the different groups. Regardless whether there is one blog or multiple blogs, provide information through the posts that people want to read, not necessarily what executives think people want to read.

      Expert advice, product reviews, product news, tips and techniques, incentive programs, industry trends, solutions to industry problems are all good topics to blog about.

      Plan the Blog

      Make a plan and stick to it. Planning should detail the purpose, the people, and the posts. It should also define when the blogging will begin, who in the company will be blogging, and of course ways to measure the effects.

      It is also a good idea to develop marketing or public relations plans for promoting the blog.

      Blog Posts

      Setup an editorial calendar along with an editorial process. The editorial plan will help the bloggers in the company think about what to post. Possibly provide one topic per week for the intended blogger to write about.

      Determine who will review the posts before they get uploaded.

      While blog posts should be kept conversational in tone, personal information should never be allowed on business related blogs.

      Time to Start Business Blogging

      Keeping in mind all of these tips, it is time to start blogging. There may be more issues come up as the blog gets going, if that happens address them as quickly as possible so as not to delay the blog’s growth.

      The most important tip is to have fun blogging. Enjoy writing the posts, reading the comments, and gathering feedback from readers.


Always write the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Blogs are not a place for spin writing. Resist the urge to embellish. Humility will go farther with readers than inflated egos.

Blog with Purpose

Start the blog with a well defined purpose and goal. Start blogging for conversational customer support, getting information distributed as fast as possible, or for unconditional feedback forums for customers.
Although blogs are supposed to be nonbiased, a company needs to fit the blog into its overall mission. Blogs also need to have the same look and feel of the other digital marketing resources such as web sites, online press rooms, and other marketing materials.

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