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Building a Website

I want a website that will make me money. How do I get started?

Answer ...

Building a website is a lot easier than most people think and it opens up a whole host of money making opportunities that we discuss throughout this site. From affiliate marketing, PPC advertising, selling your own goods / services to subscription based sites, and more.

If you already know what you want to create a site about and how it will generate money, skip to the how do I easily create a website section.

If you’re just starting out and you know you want to make money through a website but you don’t know what to base it around, read on.

Put simply, the main method of making money through a website is by providing useful and unique content (information) that will attract visitors (traffic). Once you have traffic, there are several ways in which you can make money from that traffic. Creating a content site is arguably the easiest method for a newbie to get online and potentially make a great deal of money.

Two of our favourite ways of monetising traffic include affiliate marketing and PPC advertising. If you’re not already familiar with these practices, visit these sections under out top 11 methods where we provide you with all the relevant information to help you get started.

So you know how to make money from a website once it starts getting visitors, but how to you think of a website idea in the first place?

Choosing your website topic ...

We teach you to create a money making website

The first thing to do is write down all of the things you’re genuinely interested in and enjoy talking about. Creating a site based around something that truly interests you will give you more of an incentive to create, update and expand it. Your passion and insight is also likely to shine through in your writing.

Don’t choose a topic purely based on the fact that it’s related to the highest paying affiliate scheme. If you’re not genuinely interested in it, it’ll be tough to create good content that will engage and help your visitors.

Say you’ve shortlisted your interests as travel, sports and gadgets, for example. You then need to find a niche within one of these areas where you’ll be able to contribute something unique. 

It’s unwise for an individual starting out to try and attempt to create the next Lonely Planet world travel guide. Not only will this be a mammoth task, but it’s unlikely that the individual has expertise on travelling to each of the world’s countries. The person is likely to be much more successful if they were to focus on a single country or region that he or she knows well.

You need to know (or learn about) your topic in sufficient depth so that you can provide visitors with unique information or a different perspective on things. Research your competitors and evaluate how you will differentiate the information and / or the services you provide. If you’re having trouble picking a niche, you could begin by researching to see where the informational gaps are.

Many people get inspiration on what type of website to create when they themselves have problems finding certain information. Think back, have you ever been frustrated trying to find something online? If so, try and fill that gap – just make sure you also find the subject interesting.

You can then knowledgeably promote relevant affiliate programs that will genuinely help your users. Once your site is established with lots of high-quality content, you should then consider expanding your site to cover related themes or you could create a brand new site. Having more than one income bearing website effectively diversifies your income and reduces the risk associated with one site underperforming. It’s also fun and interesting dealing in more than just one topic.

The max package on our Stinge SiteMaker platform allows you to easily create an unlimited number of sites at a low monthly rate. This is ideal for those that want to have a large portfolio of income generating websites and not worry about the associated costs increasing.

In the internet age that we live in information is power and power equals money. The internet is still growing at a huge pace and the demand for information also continues to rise. If you can find one of the many information gaps out there and successfully fill it - you can make money.

However, it should be noted that creating a website is not for everyone. Some people hate sitting at the computer for hours and others don’t enjoy at writing, or lack the necessary writing skills. If the latter is the case, search online or join a course that focuses on improving your writing. Our skills development section should be able to help. If you just simply don’t like writing, then maybe consider creating a site that consists primarily of videos – although you then have to be good in front of the camera!

Final comments ...

In order to be truly successful making money online with a website, you have to create good unique content and target a niche. However, having said that, you can still make money in saturated niches if you do things differently to your competitors.

Don’t think about copying someone else’s content as search engines can easily pick this up. Duplicated content gets removed from search engine listings. If your site is found to consist mainly of copied content, it’ll get banned from search engines altogether

Take the time to create useful material and pick a topic that you enjoy. You’re unlikely to earn money overnight but if stick to it, once your site picks up momentum, you can make a great deal of money.

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