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4 Quick Tips to Make Face-to-Face Selling Easier

If you have anything to do with business, you certainly have a lot to do with marketing and sales since these are functions that propel a business. Whether you are a sales person or an enterprising small business owner, the chances are that at some point you will have to sell face-to face. The only thing you could do is perhaps do it even better. Here are 4 ways to make it really easy for you to close the sale:

  • Pay attention to non-verbal communication: More often than not, we tend to communicate a lot with our bodies -- your limbs, eyes, expressions, the way you lean and the way you stand. All of these body movements make an impression on the person you are trying to communicate with. The lack of a smile, the presence of a swagger and even a casual brushing of your hair locks could make or break things depending on the situation and clients.



      • Establish Rapport: Your sale can only happen when your prospects decide to buy. Buying only happens off trusted people and for trust to happen you have to work hard to build rapport. To build rapport you should:


Naturally mimicking your clients’ body language is usually the safe option as it sends the message that you are comfortable with the situation. Beware of barriers: crossed arms, hands near the face – and if necessary adapt your body language. For example, if you are trying to demonstrate how passionate you are about something you wouldn’t be slouched in your seat with your arms crossed. You would be on the edge of seat using your hands to reinforce your verbal message.

Listen: Everyone likes being listened to. It’s an easy way to connect with someone and make them feel valued.

Link interests: People are naturally attracted to others who have similar interests. Whenever possible, notice similar interests and be sure to talk about and expand on them.

Ask for their opinion and advice: Asking for advice shows that you value someone’s opinion and it is often humbling. Furthermore, people like someone that is able to accept advice.

Smile and convey warmth: Being happy easily rubs off on others and people will enjoy being in your company.

Be enthusiastic: Enthusiastic people brighten up a room with their positive energy and more often than not, it makes people want to get involved.

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  • Recommend rather than sell: The funny thing about us is that we love to buy but we hate to be sold to. Don’t force products down your clients throat and always be upfront and honest about what you’re recommending. Your job is to keep in touch with your client and advise them. Be their consultant and this in itself will help build rapport. Even if it requires you to recommend your competitor products, do it. Your clients will love you for it.

      • Have a way to communicate the Unique Selling Proposition (USP):  More often than not, sales people forget what’s unique about the product or service they’re selling. You need to differentiate and give reasons for why the client should buy your product / service and not a competitor’s. Stress the limitations of alternatives and make a proposition so strong they can’t afford to lose the differentiating benefit that you provide.

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